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Why choose a Garden Designer?

It is important that you understand how your garden will work for you. We believe that by having a well thought out garden design completed, you maximise your gardens potential and create your perfect outdoor space to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Garden Design is always a challenge. Our garden designers need to ensure the finished project reflects all the elements required.

Our design team are knowledgeable and buzzing with ideas. They can advise you on the best ways to maximise space and help to ‘source the style’; often it is the little touches that make the biggest impact.

We pride ourselves in having close working relationships with award winning designers who could be brought on board as another option.

Ultimately whatever works best for you and your budget?

How it works?

Option 1 garden layout design

One of our In house garden design team will visit your property to view the garden and measure up for your plans and ideas. We give a simple garden diagram and quotation for the works. Design price would be a nominal fee which is discounted off the invoice if you decide to go ahead with the works. 

Option 2 designer garden (suitable for clients who want something a bit different)

Award Winning Designer Process

Site analysis

Our garden designer will visit your garden; this is when a design brief will be prepared and be the base for the overall landscape design concept, style and theme of the garden. Our garden designer will be asking questions about how you intend to use your garden, your likes and dislikes, discussing any features you wish to incorporate in the garden design. A site analysis will take place, which consists of checking soil conditions, orientation of the garden and weather conditions.

Photos and measurements will be taken away so a preliminary garden design can be produced for your approval

Presentation Drawings

Once the garden design brief has been agreed. Our garden designer will prepare a set of scaled drawings which will include a scale plan, perspective drawings, mood boards and colour charts which will have example paving’s etc. design tweaks can be made at this stage.

Construction Drawings

Once all tweaks have been made and everybody is happy with the overall garden design a full set of construction drawings and specification of works is done which includes landscape materials specifications and measurements.

Planting Plan

The next stage is to prepare a planting plan for the garden which will include plants in the initial wish list and plants suggested by our knowledgeable garden designers / landscapers. Plants are chosen to suit your soil type and positioning with regards to the sun/shade.

Construction Process

Once the project is underway, our landscaping teams keep in regular contact with the designer to ensure that the design concept becomes a landscaped reality.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our landscaping team to discuss your needs and get the ball rolling with your proposed project.




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